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Cinque Terre

ZB-X chemical pumps

ZB-X chemical pumps are mainly used for conveying and metering of medium or low viscosity material. This series chemical melt pumps are widely applied in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, monomer polymer, low polymer and prepolymer.

Cinque Terre

ZB-F Gear dosing pump for reactor

Gear dosing pump for reactor is used for extrusion reaction. This type of reactor discharge pumps are mainly used in conjunction with extruders or kneaders. It reduces the natural pulsation and irregular conveyance, particularly in single-screw extruders, added to which, the build up of pressure in the gear pump is more efficient in comparison to the extruder.

Cinque Terre

ZB-K Chemical gear pump for reaction kettle

Polymer discharge gear pumps are for the discharge of medium to high viscosity media from the reactor. Chemical gear pump for reaction kettle is melt pump and used for reaction kettle.

Cinque Terre

ZB-W chemical pump

ZB-W chemical pump is suitable for transporting and metering low viscosity materials. This series chemical gear pump is mainly used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, cosmetic, food, petrochemical, and polymer industries.

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