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High Temperature Metering Pump

High temperature metering pump is used for transportation, pressurization or the metering of the high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt,so it is also be called high viscosity metering pump .Metering pump high temperature allows operation up to 100°C.

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Melt Metering Pump

Polymer melt metering pumps are precision metering pumps for the fiber, chemical, and plastics industries. Melt metering pump specifications and other details are shown in the article.

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Gear Metering Pump

Gear metering pump guarantees accurate metering at high pressure even under the most difficult operating conditions. Batte gear type metering pumps are with wide applications.

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Booster Metering Pump

Booster metering pump is a device with the ability to pressurize, transport, and meter high temperature melt. Booster metering pumps are used for extruders.

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Spinning Metering Pump

Spinning metering pump, also called spinning melt metering pump, is used for transporting, pressurizing or metering the high temperature and high viscosity fiber melt.

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Plastic Metering Pump

Plastic metering pump is one of plastic extrusion melt pumps for extruder. It also known as plastic extrusion gear pump for its structure and application.

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High Viscosity Metering Pump

High-viscosity metering pump is used for extrusion system to increase the output of a line and improve the quality of products. High viscosity metering pumps are Batte hot pumps.

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Polymer Metering Pumps

Polymer metering pump is melt pumps with the function of metering liquid polymer. Polymer metering pumps also can provide an accurate flow rate.

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