about us
Batte Melt Pump Zhengzhou Co.,Ltd is a professional melt pump supplier and melt pump manufacturer in China. Batte has accumulated abundant experience on the application technique of melt pumps since we manufacture pumps professionally. Recently according to the development trend of melt pumps application all over the world, especially in the field of precise plastic extrusion, we have done extensive research on the pump operation performance, practical function, equipment structure and control technology and achieved regular achievements.
Batte’s policy is to be based on continuous researches and exploitations. That makes us manufacture high-tech and high efficient products which have excellent reliability.

All raw materials and spare parts of products are selected carefully and assembled with skilled experience. Pre-delivery debugging of melt pump is the best quality assurance before they are leaving the factory.

Batte is a professional melt pump supplier, as wel as designer and manufacturer. As a melt pump manufacturer in China, Batte provides high quality melt pumps. Our goal is to improve customers’ usage value by our ongoing efforts and supporting better services, thus receiving recognition and more orders from customers.

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