Spinning gear pump

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chemical melt pump
Spinning gear pump
is high precision pump manufactured as per the standards of the industry. Melt spinning pump type depends on the operating conditions and extruder types. Spinning gear pump is used for transportation, pressurization or the metering of the high temperature and high viscosity fiber melt.

Batte is one of the biggest manufacturer for melt pump in China. Being a professional supplier for melt pumps, we have been accumulating adequate experience on the application-specific technique. In addition to providing services and spare parts for our own pumps, we also provide comprehensive service packages for extruder gear pump produced by other manufacturers.

BATTE gear pump have a unique positive displacement design which provides consistent, accurate plastic delivery under varying extruder output conditions of pressure, temperature and viscosity. With BATTE Gear Pump providing the pressure between the extruder and the die, extruder parameters can be configured to provide a homogeneous melt at increased throughout and tighter gauge tolerances.

Spinning gear pump Applications:
Melt spinning pump is widely used in fiber extrusion. Such as: Acrylic - polyacrylonitrile ,Spandex - Polyurethane,PP - Polypropylene PP ,Polyester - Polyester PET ,Nylon-PA PA6 PA66 PA1010 PA11 PA12 ,PVA - Vinylon.
Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Batte

Theory: Positive Displacement Gear Pump

Structure: Gear Pump

Usage: Fiber

Power: Electric or Oil

Fuel: No Need

Pressure: High Pressure

Application: transportation, pressurization or the metering of polymer

Scope of Application: Almost all kinds of fiber

Viscosity: Up to 40000Pas

Gear Tooth: Straight (Optional), Helical gear pump(Optional), Herringbone gear pump(Optional)

Sealing Method: Mechanical Sealing (Optional)

Heating Method: Stainless Steel Heating Rod

Packaging Details:

Items are packed in wooden cases.

Delivery Detail:

5-6 Weeks

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