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Co-extrusion Die

Custom-engineered extrusion die systems , backed by years of experience in the field of die design and manufacturing, provide you with equipment that refines your final product while creating efficiencies in your production process. Each of our extrusion die systems is custom-designed to meet your needs and process parameters. Below youll find cast film dies, extrusion coating and laminating dies, and sheet dies with removable lips and deckling to adapt to changes in production needs. Nordson als

Cinque Terre

Coating Film Die

Applications: stationery film,print film,retain fresh film Item Specification Diesteel P20/5CrNiMo Material PE/HDPE/LDPE/PA/PS/LDPP/HDPP/ABS/EVA/PC/PMMA. width from 800mm to 3000mm, thickness below 2mm Widthofthedie 200mm-3000mmadjustable Thicknessoftheproduct 0.015-0.45mm Chokedflowrope 45or90 Wayofflowpassage clothesracktype Drivingpower 6KW Sectionsofthemould 4-20sections Voltage 220V/50hzoraccordingyourneed Heatingtype heatinginside Heaterelement stainlesssteelheatingrod Modeofconnection clos

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