Lamination Film Die

Product description Coating die structure of hangers, special die lip, with a 90 choke rod, can adjust material flow. The thickness of the products can be adjusted.Die using imported high-quality die steel or alloy steel.

Lamination Film Die Application:Packaging/Health industry/Construction industry/car

Item Specification
Thickness of the product Thickness:0.002mm or 2μm (rate 5%)
Width of the die Width: 700-4000mm adjustable
Heat Voltage 220V or according your need
Heating way Heating bars made of stainless steel from Italy
Die material 2738 from Germany or P20
Fastening piece High strength at 12.9 grade
Polishing Lips and surface of flowing: 0.02-0.03(μm),Other surfaces: 0.03-0.04(μm).
Chrome thickness 0.035-0.045mm
Surface hardness 60-70HR
Installation according costumer’s request

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