Zhengzhou Batte is selected for large-scale melt gear pump

Zhengzhou Batte has gradually increased the market share of the company's melt gear pump by keeping improving in technology, quality and after-sales service. In the fields of green fiber, degradable materials (PLA, PGA, PBAT), PS and so on, Zhengzhou Batte has provided domestic enterprises with large-scale melt gear pump equipment to replace imported gear pumps to meet the needs of users for high-performance and high-precision gear pumps.

reactor kettle melt pump

Melt gear pump assisted polymer extrusion has been widely used in industrial developed countries, but it was rarely used in the past because of the limited development level of polymer industry in China. With the fierce competition among domestic polymer processing enterprises, people gradually have requirements for high quality and high precision of extruded products, material saving and energy saving in the extrusion process, and high yield and low energy consumption of processing equipment. Melt gear pump technology is an effective method to meet this requirement. The melt gear pump produced by Zhengzhou Batte has the characteristics of precise structure, many types and wide application range. The personalized selection and matching fit the working conditions and actual needs of customers. After customers use it, they can feel that the use of Zhengzhou Batte's gear pump has great help in stabilizing output, ensuring production quality and reducing energy consumption.

The R & D team of Zhengzhou Batte has been committed to the R & D of melt gear pump products for a long time, and has presided over the development of several series of melt gear pump products. With many years of engineering practice experience, it can provide in-depth technical guidance and support for users, provide technical consulting services for the selection and use of melt gear pump products, and provide solutions for technical faults and technical problems in the use of products. sheet extrusion pump info@battemachinery.com

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