Detailed explanation of chemical gear pump for low viscosity materials

The chemical gear pump for low viscosity materials designed by Zhengzhou Batte is specially designed to meet the strict process requirements for low viscosity fluids, including prepolymers, polymers, hot-melt adhesives, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. It is generally installed in the melt pipe and used as a booster pump; It can also be installed in an electrically heated extruder system as a metering pump. This series of melt pumps have good self-priming performance. The high-precision transmission gear pump is specially designed for applications with a pressure difference of up to 1000 psi and a viscosity of 100 to 250000 CP. it is an effective solution for establishing pressure and stable output.

low viscosity melt pump

Low viscosity chemical gear pumps are manufactured by precision machining to ensure accurate and repeatable volume output. The screw combination seal provided by Zhengzhou Batte provides leak free performance in a wide range of viscosity and pressure, including performance under vacuum. It is especially suitable for melt blown and adhesive applications.

low viscosity chemical gear pump

Features of low viscosity chemical gear pump: the pump body is made of durable hardened tool steel; The new combined seal design can be applied to some extreme working conditions; The low viscosity chemical pump adopts a compact and low-key design, and can also be customized according to the actual installation size of users. Low viscosity chemical gear pump accessories include: variable frequency drive, pressure instrument, bracket, etc., which can be selected by users according to their needs.

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