Polyethylene extruder melt pump

It is a plastic sheet melt pump consisting of a pump body and a pair of gears that will gradually separate and re-engage with each other during relative rotation. It is widely used in the production lines of chemical fiber, granulation, plastic film, sheet, plate, profile, pipe, wire and cable, wire drawing, compound extrusion, etc., and has achieved relatively good results.

PE PP sheet extrusion melt pump

Main features of thermoplastic precision extruder melt pump: very small pressure flow pulsation, can achieve linear output of flow, suitable for precision extrusion system; it can be applied to high temperature (350℃) high pressure ( 40MPa) high viscosity ( 40,000Pas ) working conditions; it has precise structure, high precision and long life.

melt pump for sheet

The electric heater of the melt for sheet extruder can be cast aluminum electric heater. Novel concept, compact structure, its material can be high starch content of more than 70% of the full degradation of imitation paper sheet extruder after conveying mixing, shear plasticization, dehydration and exhaust process of the plastic state of the melt, it can improve the flow output speed, reduce the material in the extruder shear and residence time, reduce extrusion temperature and pressure pulsation, in order to improve the extrusion efficiency and quality of finished products. It can also achieve rapid temperature rise and heat control, as well as make the material outlet pressure pulsation control within 1%. This melt pump is fully capable of meeting the requirements for extruding sheets with high yield in the preparation process of fully degradable paper-like materials.

plastic sheet melt pump

Thermoplastic precision extrusion melt pump can be installed in a variety of ways, the pump input shaft can be arranged horizontally or vertically (both up and down); the pump import and export direction can also be installed in any direction. The drive system generally includes: motor, reducer, universal coupling, bracket, etc.; the flow control adopts variable frequency speed regulation.

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