What are the reasons for the broken driven gear of the melt gear pump?

There are two main reasons for the gear breakage of the melt gear pump for spur gears: one is that the gear will break when suddenly overloaded, and no foreign objects were found to enter after disassembly. Moreover, from the perspective of the broken part at the root of the gear, the possibility of sudden overload and gear breakage can be ruled out. The second reason is that the gear teeth are like a cantilever beam, and after being loaded, the bending stress generated at the tooth root is greater. In addition, the size of the transition part at the tooth root has undergone significant changes, and the machining tool marks left along the tooth width direction have caused a certain degree of stress concentration. Therefore, when the gear is repeatedly loaded, fatigue cracks will occur at the tooth root and gradually expand, causing the gear teeth to break, This is the direct cause of the broken driven gear of the melt gear pump.

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A complete melt gear pump mainly consists of an electric motor, a reducer, a universal coupling, and a pump head. Zhengzhou Batte thermoplastic melt pump manufactuer provides different specifications and models of melt gear pumps.

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