Melt pump for underwater granulation of hot melt adhesive

The underwater granulation melt pump is a universal extrusion system melt gear pump. Suitable for extrusion and transportation of polymer melts from low viscosity to extremely high viscosity; Generally installed between the extruder outlet and the die head, used as a melt metering pump; It can also be installed in polymer melt pipelines for use as a booster pump.

melt pump for granulation

The main function of the plastic pelletizing melt pump 

1. Significantly improve the stability of die head pressure and enhance product quality.

2. It can achieve near linear output of flow and is easy to control.

3. Increase extrusion volume and increase production.

4. Reduce extruder load, save energy, and lower costs.

polymer melt pump

The main characteristics of melt pumps for granulation

1. Minimal pressure flow pulsation can achieve linear output of flow, suitable for precision extrusion systems.

2. Adopting different structures and material configurations for different working conditions can better meet the personalized needs of users.

3. It can be applied to high temperature (350 ℃), high pressure (40MPa), and high viscosity (40000 Pass) working conditions.

4. Precision structure, high precision, and long service life.

melt pump in extruder

Technical parameters of polymer melt pump

Transmission medium viscosity: 1E-3~40000 Pa · s

Inhalation pressure: 0-30MPa

Output pressure: 0-40MPa

Permissible pressure difference: 25MPa

Operating temperature: ≤ 350 ℃

Heating method: Electric heating

polymer melt pump

The melt pump for granulation can be installed in multiple ways, and the input shaft of the pump can be arranged horizontally or vertically (both upward and downward); The drive system generally includes: motor, reducer, universal coupling, pump connection head, reducer connection head, etc.


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