What are the advantages and disadvantages of extrusion melt gear pumps?

The advantages of melt gear pumps mainly include the following aspects:

Smooth conveying: The melt gear pump delivers the melt smoothly without pulsation, with low vibration and noise, which has a positive impact on maintaining the stability of the production environment and reducing damage to equipment.

Strong wear resistance: The rotor components are treated with integral quenching, which has strong wear resistance and can extend the service life of the equipment.

Low shear force: Adopting a crown tooth root design can reduce the shear of materials inside the pump, improve energy consumption utilization, and reduce material loss.

Adjustable flow rate: The speed of the melt gear pump is linearly related to the flow rate, and the pump flow rate can be adjusted by appropriately changing the speed to meet different production needs.

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Wide application range: The melt gear pump is particularly suitable for conveying high viscosity and viscosity media, and can be applied to various working conditions from low viscosity plastics to high viscosity rubber products.

However, melt gear pumps also have some drawbacks:

Speed limitation: For high viscosity polymer melts, the speed of the melt gear pump may be limited, resulting in a decrease in output flow rate.

Gear type selection: In high-temperature melt gear pumps, the selection of gear type needs to consider the characteristics of the material. For example, spur gears have higher strength but slightly higher pulses than helical gears; The oblique tooth pulse is slightly lower than the straight tooth, but its compressive strength is not as good as the straight tooth; Herringbone teeth have the advantages of straight and oblique teeth, but they have high shear forces and are prone to thermal degradation of materials.

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In summary, the melt gear pump has advantages such as smooth transportation, strong wear resistance, low shear force, adjustable flow rate, wide applicability, and optimized structural design. However, it also has disadvantages such as limited speed, need for regular maintenance, and gear type selection. When selecting and using a melt gear pump, it is necessary to consider the specific production needs and material characteristics comprehensively.

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