Mixed material recycling pelletizing line melt pump screen changer

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Waste plastics mainly include trimmings from factories and post-consumer plastics from garbage, where trimmings from factories go directly to plastic recycling and processing plants due to their clear composition and high cleanliness, while post-consumer plastics are usually a mixture of various plastics. Its main body is represented by polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and and polystyrene (PS) as large varieties of plastics. Landfills and incineration will cause waste of resources and also cause environmental re-pollution, high cost of cracking and low economic efficiency of enterprises, which is not conducive to the long-term development of enterprises. Many people now study the use of direct co-mingling modification of recycling waste mixed plastics, because the method can improve our environment, make full use of energy, but also reduce costs and increase the value added of waste plastics, with important social and economic significance.

pelletizing melt pump and screen changer

With nearly 20 years of professional production experience, Batte offers better solutions based on the characteristics of blended materials for recycling, production principles, common materials, process characteristics, heating temperature, processing pressure, yield, etc.

Commonly used materials: mixed plastic flakes
Process characteristics: high output, high impurity content, high temperature, high viscosity, low pressure fluctuations, high frequency of screen change operations
Heating temperature: 200~280 ℃
Heating pressure: 3.0-30.0 MPa
Output: 100-3,000 kg/hr
Batte product solutions: double column screen changer/ backflush screen changer/ mesh belt screen changer

PU pelletizing screen changer

Melt pump has the advantages of high precision, no pulsation and long life; extruder system equipped with melt pump, it can effectively reduce the tolerance of the extruded products and improve the quality of the final products. For some products with strict dimensional tolerance requirements, the use of melt pump will effectively improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

PP screen changer and melt pump

The twin-screw extruder and melt pump combination of mixing and extrusion extrusion pelletizing production line, the use of melt pump can effectively reduce the twin-screw extruder own pressure building function, improve the twin-screw extruder production efficiency (twin-screw machine own pressure building function is poor, seriously affect the production efficiency). For twin-screw machine combined with melt pump and pipe, plate, film and other extrusion head into a production line, it has the advantage of pressure building, it can also achieve energy saving by simplifying the process of extrusion products production process and shortening the production cycle. With twin-screw machine + melt pump configuration, it is especially suitable for extruded products whose materials need to be co-mingled and modified; materials must be mixed and homogenized to achieve product quality requirements.

pet melt pump + screen changer

In this production process, generally in two steps; step will be the raw material blending granulation, the second step and then another equipment to reheat the pellet melt and extrusion into products. In these two steps, the melt is cooled to room temperature and then reheated to the molten state for extrusion, which is accompanied by a large amount of energy consumption. For the application of melt pump extrusion equipment, this part of the traditional extrusion process will save considerable energy consumption, thus achieving high efficiency and energy saving.

pc profile melt pump + screen changer

During the production of recycled material granulators, the plastic melt is plasticized over a long period of time, resulting in a number of decomposition products, while the raw material itself contains some impurities. The presence of these impurities not only affects the quality of the product, but also the continuity and stability of the production. The screen changer is set between the screw head and the extruder head to filter out the impurities and foreign matter in the plastic melt and get the pure melt. With the rise of plastic raw material prices, extrusion production enterprises to reduce production costs and increase profits, artificially increase the proportion of recycled materials used. Some agricultural plastic products recycled recycled materials added to the proportion of 80% to 90%. Screen changer is one of the important factors affecting the quality of plastic recycled materials. The massive use of recycled materials greatly promotes the development of screen changer, brings a broad market for screen changer application, and puts forward new requirements for screen changer.

Sheet melt pump

Non-stop screen changer is generally composed of screen changer body, screen. Porous plate, plunger and heater, etc. The plastic melt flows through the strainer on the plunger and impurities gradually accumulate in the strainer. Melt pressure rises with the accumulation of time, reaching the load that the equipment can withstand when the screen should be replaced in a timely manner. When replacing the screen, first pull out the upper plunger until the screen is exposed to the body, replace the screen. After the upper plunger is restored to its original position, the screen in the lower plunger is replaced in the same way to complete the screen changing process. This type of non-stop screen changer has a simple structure and is suitable for extrusion production where the raw material is relatively clean. However, because it is difficult to thoroughly clean the waste plastics for producing recycled materials, during the production of recycled materials, a large amount of melt impurities accumulate on the screen in a relatively short period of time, and the filtering performance of the screen decreases and the head pressure rises. When the melt pressure exceeds the limit, it will squeeze through the screen. If this kind of screen changer is used, it is inevitable to replace the screen frequently, and even cause downtime, which seriously affects the production capacity and yield of the equipment.

PU pelletizing screen changer and melt pump

Zhengzhou Batte is committed to providing the best melt screen change filters and melt conveying solutions for chemical fiber, polymer polymerization and rubber and plastic equipment and product manufacturers. With nearly years of successful experience in this field and nearly 10,000 sets of installation and use cases of different types of equipment, we can provide the most optimal melt screen filter and melt pump solutions to meet the requirements of higher efficiency, better quality, lower energy consumption and lowest material loss for the production of chemical fiber, petrochemical polymerization and plastic products. We provide the perfect technology to guarantee the success of our customers.

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