Power-saving and productivity improvement of equipment after installing screen-changing filters

  Before installing the screen changer, because the extruder will install porous plates at the exit of the barrel when it leaves the factory, because the raw materials used are clean and some users neglect the secondary pollution of raw materials in the mixing and feeding process. In this long-term production, the porous plates at the outlet of the extruder are not cleaned up in time for a long time, which results in the blockage of the porous plates and increases the pressure in the barrel, so that the main motor can be restored. At the same time, the wear degree of the screw is also increased with the increase of the core. The flow rate at the outlet of the barrel decreases because of the blockage of the porous plate, which will shorten the life of the extruder screw, increase the power consumption of the main motor and reduce the production efficiency.
Plastic melt pump

  After installing the net screen changer, the impurities in the material can be discharged easily in time, which will keep the extruder in a good pressure state all the time, so as to achieve the goal of energy saving, high efficiency and lasting. After installing the net changer, it can effectively improve the homogenization degree of the material and make the product more high-quality.

  According to the customer's response, compared with adding net changer without net screen changer, the capacity of equipment increased by about 10% after adding net changer, and the energy consumption decreased by about 10%.

  This is the fundamental reason why the equipment is equipped with screen changing filters.

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