[Plastic rubber extruder melt pump] What are the common sealing forms of melt gear pump?

The melt gear pump is often used in the working environment of high temperature and high pressure, which is suitable for the polymerization process and transportation link. For example, the bottom discharge, pipeline transportation and pressurization of high-temperature and high viscosity polymers in resin, chemical fiber and other industries. The sealing of the melt gear pump plays an important role in the operation of the whole equipment. The leakage of the sealing system will seriously affect the normal operation of the equipment, and even lead to safety accidents.

There are many kinds of sealing structures of melt gear pump, which are generally divided into three types: contact seal, non-contact seal, combined seal, and closed seal.

Contact seal: generally speaking, the sealing surface of the contact seal contacts the sealing surface, which can eliminate the gap or make the sealing gap reach a smaller value. Therefore, it can achieve very high sealing performance, but is limited by the friction and wear of materials, and is suitable for situations where the linear speed of the sealing surface is relatively low. The contact seal can be divided into radial (circumferential) seal and axial (end face) seal according to the contact position. The end face seal is usually called "mechanical seal", which is widely used in industrial pump products at present.

Mechanical seal

Non contact seal: no direct contact between sealing surfaces, no mechanical friction and wear, suitable for occasions with high linear speed, long working life, but poor sealing performance, reasonable design can also achieve "zero" leakage. The non-contact seal includes labyrinth seal, floating ring seal, spiral seal and face dynamic controllable membrane seal.

Screw seal

Combination seal: It can have the advantages of contact seal and non-contact seal to meet the requirements of high parameter seal, but its structure is relatively complex.

Sealed seal: Sealed seal is used to seal the whole machine with casing or hood. Totally enclosed pump has the advantage of no shaft seal and is usually used to seal flammable, explosive and highly toxic media.

The common sealing forms of the melt pump provided by Zhengzhou Butter melt pump are: 1. spiral seal+external cooling; 2. Spiral seal+external cooling+packing; 3. Single/double mechanical seal; 4. Magnetic seal; 5. Lip seal+packing combination seal. info@battemachinery.com

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