Gear Metering Pump For Viscous Products

Gear metering pump for viscous products with high-quality, high-performance alloy materials, precision machining, with a special hardening treatment from Flow accurate and stable, fluctuating process conditions are not affected. Even the melt pressure, temperature and viscosity changes, melt metering pump stations also provide a stable, accurate measurement of the melt output.
Gear Metering Pump For Viscous Products

Gear Metering Pump For Viscous Products Features:
1, high pressure resistance, wear, do not leak materials, long life;
2, the pressure to eliminate the extruder screw vibration caused by fluctuation;
3, precision machining, flow accuracy and stability;
4, pressure, voltage, precise measurement of performance.
Gear Metering Pump For Viscous Products Applications:
1. This melt pump applicable to all kinds of plastics, rubber, chemical fiber, asphalt, paint, adhesives, coatings, lubricants, and other high temperature polymer polyols extrusion production reactor metering delivery;
2. High temperature, high viscosity of the fluid metering, delivery and booster regulator.

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