Melt pump lubrication

With the melt pump lubrication and introduced multi-function device. The melt pump bearings are lubricated by the melt itself, which is achieved by the outlet from the pump through the suction-side end and leaks through the entire design of the bearing . Flow of the polymer is necessary for bearing protection. 
Melt pump lubrication
The flow requires the pump outlet pressure and the inlet pressure is not the same. we recommend that the pressure between the two ports should keep a minimum of several hundred psi. Since the melt pump bearings lubricated by melt. Thus bearing need melt pump sealing to prevent the polymer flowing out of the gear shaft. In order to adapt to the different melt viscosity and pressure, most of the pumps are installed in water-cooled sealing. This requires reasonable regulation of water to make sure that there is enough water to prevent leakage or to discharge reduced to trace levels. However, water is also not too much, because it will reduce the lubricating effect of the shaft and increase the load melt pump motor.
After the melt pump starts, the temperature should match the temperature of the melt or melt the set temperature phase. If the pump temperature is considerably higher than the set temperature or the actual temperature of the melt. It means that the mechanical parts of the pump or the instrument is faulty thermostat. Practice has proved that the melt pump temperature below the melt temperature of 3-6 ℃ is the most reasonable.

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