Polymer Discharge Melt Pumps

Polymer discharge melt pumps are used to remove flow variations from a polymer melt system and extruder discharge pressure, or barrel temperatures.
Polymer Discharge Melt Pumps

polymer discharge melt pumps characteristics:
1. Stabilizing outlet pressure; Efficiently reducing the unstable outlet of the material caused by extrude parameter and the pressure pulsation.
2. Minimizing the dimension tolerance of the extruded products and decreasing the scraps and rejects.
3. Increasing the extrusion output; Reducing the screw pressure, turning the building pressure style. 
4.By means of the melt pump, the common extruder can make the highly precise products.
5.Adjust the back pressure of the extruder, Meantime, the melt residence time inside the screw cylinder is shortened
6.  It can lessen the pressure between gear box and bearing, which can prolong the service time of the extruder.
Besides polymer discharge melt pumps,Batte also supply chemical pump and metering pumps for you.

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