Melt metering pump for heat sensitive plastics

The melt metering pump (CE series melt metering pump) for heat sensitive plastics developed by Zhengzhou Batte can transport WPC wood powder composite, PVC medium soft, low density polyethylene, all TPE, EPDM, SBR and other media; Heat sensitive melt metering pump is suitable for very sensitive polymers or and working conditions requiring frequent color change. The melt metering pump for heat sensitive plastics has all the functions of the melt metering pump of the standard extruder and can be used for extrusion and compounding.

zbc melt gear pump

In terms of temperature, shear force or residence time, for very fragile and sensitive polymers, melt metering pump for heat sensitive plastics (CE series melt metering pump) will be your choice. For example, in some automotive applications, many different colors or products must be produced in small quantities. The special feature of melt metering gear pump for heat sensitive plastics is that the lubricating film in the shaft can be discharged out of the pump, and the discharge can be controlled, which is our flexibility. Its flow channel design has no dead angle, and the internal circulation flow channel has smooth arc transition. In order to shorten the residence time of melt in the pump, it is very important for heat sensitive materials.

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