The introduction and application of the melt discharge pump at the bottom of the kettle (reaction kettle conveying pump)

Zhengzhou Batte is a professional supplier of large melt discharge pumps and melt booster pumps in China, with specifications ranging from 5CC to 12000CC. The gear melt pump for reaction kettle is also called the reactor delivery pump. It is mainly suitable for the reaction delivery of high temperature and high viscosity polymer melts requiring high output pressure, such as resin, chemical fiber and other industries. It is generally installed in the lower part of the reactor to make melt pump reaction kettle.

ZB-F series extrusion melt pump for reaction kettle is mainly used for conveying medium and high viscosity medium in vacuum reactor. The large flange design of suction port can make high viscosity medium suck smoothly under vacuum condition. Mainly used in ABS, PS, PMMA, PBT, PT and other media. It can be applied to high temperature (350℃), medium and high pressure (15MPa), high viscosity (20,000Pa/s) working conditions; small pressure and flow pulsation, can achieve near-linear flow output, easy to control; good self-priming performance, can It is applied to the working condition where the inlet is vacuum (-0.05~-0.09MPa); the structure is precise, the precision is high, and the service life is long.

chemical dosing melt pump for reaction kettle

The melt pump at the bottom of the kettle is generally installed at the bottom of the reaction kettle, and is driven by a motor + reducer + universal coupling. The bottom pump is a positive displacement pump, and the output flow of the pump can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the pump. Recommended Using the frequency conversion speed regulation mode, the near-linear flow output of the bottom pump can be realized. The main structural materials of the bottom discharge pump, pump casing: stainless steel/alloy steel/corrosion-resistant alloy; gear: nitrided steel/tool ​​steel/stainless steel+coating/corrosion-resistant alloy; bearing: tool steel/copper alloy/stainless steel+coating layer/corrosion resistant alloy. The rotor type of the kettle bottom discharge pump is helical gear or spur gear; the heating method of the kettle bottom pump: heat medium heating; the sealing structure can be selected according to the actual working conditions of the user, such as: melt dynamic seal + packing seal, Mechanical seal, dynamic seal with cooling melt, high temperature resistant packing seal, etc.

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