High temperature melt pump manufacturers introduce the advantages of coated melt pumps

Whether it is uniform coloration in sheet and profile extrusion or transparency in film extrusion, there is an ever-increasing demand for product quality in plastics processing. The homogeneity of the melt and the dimensional stability of the finished product are very important. In this case, the uniform and constant delivery of the melt pump plays an important role. To ensure product quality, Zhengzhou Batte has developed a new type of melt gear pump; its flow channel surface prevents melt build-up, allows faster color change and reduces wear to a minimum.

Deposits within the  melt sheet extrusion pump, caused by residence time, chemical reactions, or dead space, can result in reduced product quality and result in higher reject rates and longer downtime. In addition, color pigments in masterbatches, fillers or contaminated recycled materials can increase wear and thus shorten service life. When extruding sheets made of PC, PMMA or TPE composites, our melt pumps must meet high standards. Manufacturers expect us to provide process stability. We introduced smaller diameter runners (product holes) in our enhanced melt pumps years ago. The goal is to achieve higher flow rates, thereby preventing melt sticking. The transition area between the housing bore and the bushing has also been optimised to avoid dead zones and a high level of self-cleaning was the main focus of our development.

melt gear pump for plastic extrusion

The oxide hard coating applied by Zhengzhou Batte on the melt pump for plastic extrusion by PVD/CVD technology has several decisive advantages: the amorphous, non-amorphous surface prevents chemical accumulation and deposit formation; the wall adhesion is reduced, and the Results in improved flow properties; nearly dense surface reduces tendency to corrosion; high hardness in excess of 2,300 HV provides very good wear protection for demanding melt pump applications. info@battemachinery.com

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