The difference between low pressure type and high pressure type reactor kettle gear pump

Because most of the reactor is in a vacuum state, the gear pump is often bolted directly to the bottom of the reactor to reduce the required NPSH. At this time, because the polymer still contains a large amount of solvent, the viscosity of the material is not particularly high, about 150 000CP. The bottom extraction gear pump needs a special design to adapt to the low pressure and high temperature resistance of the inlet to offset the thermal expansion of the steel at a high temperature of 200 °C. Therefore, the inlet of the gear pump at the bottom of the kettle is designed with a large conical opening, which can help the material enter the pump. The jacket can be heated by steam or heat medium. The low-pressure gear pump at the bottom of the kettle provided by Zhengzhou Bart can meet the above working conditions. need.

reactor kettle melt pump

In some processes, the polymer is pumped into a second reactor or tray column, and the solvent is separated, leaving a more viscous material with a viscosity of 500 000 CP and a temperature of 340 °C, which requires another gear The pump draws the material from the bottom of the tower. Because the melt needs to be pushed out to other equipment with a higher pressure drop, and then into the pelletizer, this gear pump needs to have a higher design than the pump to accommodate more extreme conditions, and a higher pressure-outlet Pressures up to 250kPa are normal. Therefore, there must be tight and precise clearance design between the moving parts of the pump. These clearances need to be carefully considered by the pump manufacturer considering factors such as high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity, different thermal expansion coefficients of materials and the characteristics of non-Newtonian fluid materials. calculate. The high-pressure kettle bottom gear pump provided by Zhengzhou Bart can well meet the above requirements.

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