Some precautions for the connection of the melt pump to the upstream and downstream equipment

1. Check the connection circuit of the heating element. The heating rod should be pushed easily into the heating hole of the melt pump, and the surface can be sanded with fine sandpaper if necessary.

2. Check whether the connection of the measurement and control system is appropriate, and check whether the ground wire is connected.

3. All bolts, nuts and threaded holes should be cleaned and greased. Use high temperature lubricating oil to lubricate parts with threaded connections such as bolts, nuts and threaded holes.

melt pump in extruder

4. After confirming that there are no contaminants and solid particles (metal particles, sand, plastic lumps, etc.) entering the melt pump, apply dry film lubrication as required.

5. Check whether the connection flange and the connection surface of the inlet and outlet of the melt pump are flat or damaged. If necessary, sand the surface with an oil-based grindstone, then clean with denatured alcohol or thinner. Be careful not to disrupt the dry film lubrication of the melt pump in extruder when using the solvent.

6. Use a gasket to seal between the melt pump and the connecting flange, and replace a new seal before each installation.

plastic extrusion melt pump

7. Connect the inlet and outlet ends of the melt pump to the extruder and downstream equipment (die head, etc.), respectively. The connecting bolts should be tightened diagonally to ensure that the connecting surface is flat and the edges have no protrusions to avoid leakage. The melt pump should be installed in the central position.

8. Rotate the drive shaft of the melt pump by hand at least one week to check whether the drive shaft can rotate easily to prevent the shaft from being stuck in the bearing.

polymer melt gear pump

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