Explanation of sealing sleeve for new type melt metering gear pump

Generally, the melt metering gear pump is mainly composed of pump body, a pair of meshing gears, shaft sleeve, sealing sleeve, shaft end connecting flange, cover plate and heating device. A sealing sleeve is required at the outer end of the gear shaft sleeve of the melt gear pump to ensure that the melt gear pump will not leak material during production. Generally, the seal sleeve is designed as a shaft sleeve with smooth inner wall, which is sealed only by high-precision matching design. Due to wear, such design often requires replacement of worn parts to ensure the seal when the pump is not used for a long time.

sealing sleeve for melt pump

The sealing sleeve for the new type melt metering gear pump is provided with a multi head thread for melt reflow on the inner hole wall of the sealing sleeve. The thread is a 3 or 4 head multi head thread. When the sealing thread sleeve is installed, its thread rotation direction is consistent with the shaft rotation direction (viewed from the shaft end). The thread rotation direction of the seal sleeves set at different shaft ends is exactly opposite to that of the pair design, which can ensure that the melt gear pump will not leak during the production process. info@battemachinery.com

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