Application of casting biaxial stretching film production in gear melt metering pumps

In the production of polyimide film by salivating biaxial stretching, one of the key problems is to keep the output pressure of polyamide acid resin uniform and stable. In order to realize the stable delivery of resin, a high-precision gear metering melt pump can be installed.

platic film melt gear pump

Gear metering pump is a high-precision gear pump with only three moving components (drive gear, passive gear, and drive shaft) inside, and the gears are driven by a high-precision drive system. The commonly used gear metering pump is an externally meshed two gear pump. When it operates, the gear mesh disengages and forms a free space, forming the feed side of the pump. The resin entering the pump is forced into the meshing area of the pump body by the gear. The high-pressure liquid in this area can only be pressed into the discharge pipe and will not enter the feed area. Gear metering pump is a type of volumetric metering pump that can be operated in a good working condition.

plastic extrusion melt pump

The infusion volume of the gear metering melt pump depends on the tooth clearance of the gear and the pump speed. The extrusion amount of the material per revolution is constant, and the pump speed can be controlled by the transmission system of a variable frequency variable speed motor. In the process of using a gear pump for measurement, the instantaneous infusion volume changes continuously from small to large, and then from large to small, indicating periodic small fluctuations. The magnitude of the fluctuation is related to gear parameters, such as the number of teeth, tooth top height coefficient, gear meshing angle, overlap coefficient, etc., but these small fluctuations can be absorbed during resin transportation. Zhengzhou Batteis a professional gear metering melt pump manufacturer, providing specifications and models ranging from 0.1CC to 12000CC, meeting the production needs of different working conditions.


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