Application, Parameters and Installation Mode of reactor melt discharge pump

Application of high-pressure melt pump for reactor

The high-pressure melt pump for reactor is generally installed at the bottom of the reactor and used as a feed pump. It is especially suitable for reaction transportation of high temperature and high viscosity polymer melts requiring high output pressure, such as resin, chemical fiber and other industries. The pump inlet of the bottom discharge pump is designed to be relatively large, making it convenient for high flow feeding at the bottom of the pump; And it has good self priming performance, which can be applied to the transportation and pressurization of polymer materials under vacuum reaction conditions.

reactor kettle melt pump
reactor kettle melt pump

Technical parameters of high-pressure reactor kettle melt pump

Transmission medium viscosity: 0.0001Pa. s~40000 Pa • s

Suction pressure: Vacuum (-0.05~-0.09MPa)~4MPa

Output pressure: 0-35MPa

Pressure difference used: ≤ 25MPa

Operating temperature: ≤ 350 ℃

Heating method: heat medium jacket/flow channel heating/electric heating/non heating

melt pump for polymer reaction kettle/reactor
china melt pump for reactor kettle

Installation method of china melt pump for reactor kettle

The chemical stainless steel reactor kettle melt gear pump is generally installed at the bottom of the reactor, adopting the installation form of motor+reducer+universal coupling. The universal coupling has a certain compensation effect, which can balance the displacement caused by the thermal expansion of the reactor and pipeline, ensuring the normal operation of the entire device. The melt gear pump used in the reaction kettle belongs to a positive displacement forced delivery pump, and the pump output flow can be adjusted by adjusting the melt pump speed. It is recommended to use a frequency conversion speed regulation method to achieve near linear flow output of the gear pump.


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