XPS extrusion plate dedicated melt pump

XPS extrusion plate dedicated melt pump

XPS extrusion melt pump is a positive displacement conveying equipment with high-precision gear clearance and volumetric structural design, making stable and balanced extrusion possible. It has been widely used in production lines such as chemical fibers, granulation, plastic films, sheets, plates, profiles, pipes, wires and cables, wire drawing, composite extrusion, etc., and has achieved good results.

XPS extrusion melt pump

Melt pump parameters:

Variable frequency motor power 18.5KW PID control system

Melt pump inlet pressure: 15MPa

Outlet pressure: 25MPa

Inlet temperature: 93 ° C

Melt pump temperature 125 ° C

Outlet temperature: 116 ° C.

Speed: 12rpm, current: 27A

Mixer temperature 125 ° C

Mold temperature 150 ° C

Mouth temperature: 70 ° C

Foam parameters: Freon injection pressure 25MPa

XPS insulation material melt pump

Advantages of adding a melt pump to the XPS foaming production line:

1. Reduce specific gravity

2. By reducing the internal and external temperature and pressure of XPS sheets, a uniform temperature can be achieved, which can solve the problem of sheet bending

3. Can increase the pressure required for the mold

4. It can improve the cross-sectional dimension accuracy of XPS sheets

XPS extrusion plate dedicated melt pump

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