Tips for using extrusion melt pump

Before installing the high-temperature melt pump, measure and adjust the concentricity between the pump seat and the motor drive shaft to ensure that the melt pump shaft rotates in the direction indicated when ordering, otherwise it may cause input shaft fracture and pump body damage.

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The base of the high-temperature melt pump installation should be flat and have sufficient strength and rigidity; Under the condition of evenly tightening the bolts, it should be ensured that the input shaft of the pump can rotate uniformly without jamming.

extrusion melt pump

The installation error of the universal coupling should not exceed its allowable deviation value, and the deviation value should be less than 3 degrees. To avoid causing additional force and shortening the lifespan of the shaft. Tighten the screws evenly during installation.

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Before operating the high-temperature melt pump, it should be evenly heated and the temperature should not exceed 120 ℃ per hour; Do not forcefully start the melt pump before the pump reaches operating temperature. (Working temperature refers to the melting temperature of the materials used under on-site process conditions)

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Regardless of the manufacturer's specifications, the high-temperature melt pump should be operated at low speed (around 5rpm) for a period of time when loading the load. After each bearing is fully lubricated, it can be loaded and operated. Slowly increase the working pressure. When the overall operating condition is stable, the pump and the entire system can be gradually adjusted to normal process speed and pressure.

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