characteristics and parameters of reactor kettle melt gear pump

The transfer pump for the reaction kettle is generally installed at the bottom of the reaction kettle and is driven by a motor, reducer, and universal coupling. It is recommended to use a frequency conversion speed control method to adjust the flow rate. The Pudi pump product has a simple structure, high processing accuracy, long service life, and adopts a multiple combination sealing design without material leakage; It has a large flange design at the suction port, which allows for smooth suction of high viscosity media under vacuum conditions.

reactor kettle melt pump

Transmission medium viscosity: 1~40000 Pa · s (1000~400000cP); Suction pressure: vacuum (-0.05~-0.09MPa)~4MPa; Output pressure: 0-35MPa; Pressure difference: 25MPa; Operating temperature: ≤ 350 ℃; Heating method: Heat transfer oil heating.

 reaction kettle melt ger pump

For materials with different properties, the company can provide different series of melt gear pump products to meet the requirements of different production processes. The reactor kettle melt gear pump product provided by the formula has the characteristics of precise structure, high accuracy, small pressure and flow pulsation, and long service life; At the same time, we provide full process services such as consultation, design, surveying, maintenance, renovation, and spare parts for the melt gear pump, meeting your requirements in multiple aspects.


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