Application and characteristics of universal electric heating extrusion melt gear pump

The universal electric heating extrusion melt gear pump is suitable for the extrusion and transportation of polymer melts from low viscosity to high viscosity; Generally installed between the outlet of the extruder and the die head, used as a melt metering pump; It can also be installed in polymer melt pipelines for use as a booster pump.

electric heating extrusion melt gear pump

Characteristics of electric heating extrusion melt gear pump:

1. Small pressure and flow pulsation can achieve linear output of flow, suitable for precision extrusion systems.

2. Adopting different structures and material configurations for different working conditions can better meet the personalized needs of users.

3. It can be applied to high temperature (350 ℃), high pressure (40MPa), and high viscosity (40000 Pass) working conditions.

4. Precision structure, high precision, and long service life.

thermoplastic melt pump manufactuer

The universal electric heating extrusion pump provided by Zhengzhou BATTE is also suitable for low viscosity and has multiple wear-resistant configurations to choose from; It has certain self priming performance and can be applied to the transportation and pressurization of polymer materials under lower vacuum suction conditions, suitable for most extrusion conditions. Zhengzhou BATTE thermoplastic melt pump manufactuer has extensive experience in the application of melt pumps in extrusion systems, capable of providing melt pumps for various extrusion systems such as sheet, sheet, pipe, film, wire drawing, underwater cutting, master batch extrusion granulation, rubber preforming, etc.


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