Combining plastic melt pump and extruder to improve efficiency

At present, the commonly used plastic extrusion equipment consists of an extruder, a head, and an auxiliary machine. The extruder is directly connected to the head as a whole. When extruding materials, there are large pressure fluctuations, unstable dimensional accuracy of extruded products, high waste of materials, and high energy consumption.

thermoplastic melt pump manufactuer
thermoplastic melt pump manufactuer 

The purpose of this utility model is to provide a thermoplastic melt pump manufactuer that can stabilize material flow, stabilize pressure, improve product dimensional accuracy, reduce material consumption, and save energy during the plastic extrusion molding production process.

polymer melt gear pump
melt gear pump

The plastic melt gear pump is composed of a gear pump, an extruder connection head, and a machine head connection head. The gear pump is located between the extruder connection head and the machine head connection head, and a heating device is sleeved on the connecting disc between the extruder connection head and the gear pump. The extruder connection head is also equipped with a pressure sensor connection pipe and a temperature sensor joint. When using this utility model, the extruder is connected to the extruder connection head, Connect the machine head to the machine head connection head, and fix the pressure sensor to the pressure sensor connection pipe. The temperature sensor is fixed to the temperature sensor connector. The temperature sensor and pressure sensor transmit the working temperature and pressure parameters to the automatic control system and automatically adjust them to achieve optimal working parameters. This allows the plasticized molten material extruded by the extruder to enter the plastic melt pump, which is pushed by the pump, Ensure that the material is stably transported to the machine head at a certain pressure and flow rate, although ultimately achieving precision and stable quality.


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