Solving the bearing load of the melt pump requires reducing the balance radial force

Zhengzhou BATTE is a professional domestic melt pump manufacturer, providing metering pump equipment of different specifications and models; How to effectively reduce the bearing load of the metering pump is a key factor in improving the service life of the equipment. BATTE melt pump manufacturers will analyze and introduce in detail how to reduce the load of the melt metering pump by reducing the balanced radial force.

sheet extrusion pump
sheet extrusion pump

Adopting a multi gear structure

Using the knowledge of gear "gear train" and combining with the working principle of the thermoplastic melt pump manufactuer, it is envisioned to use a multi tooth gear type melt metering pump with internal gears (the driven gears are evenly distributed around the driving gears). As shown in Figure 1, the pump casing or front and rear end covers are equipped with corresponding oil inlet and outlet ports, which are respectively connected to the oil suction pipe and oil discharge pipe to symmetrically arrange the oil suction and discharge ports of the melt metering pump with this multi tooth gear structure, And the driven gears are evenly distributed, which can achieve balance between hydraulic pressure and meshing force, thereby reducing the bearing load of the metering pump shaft and improving the service life of the melt metering pump. In addition, this new type of sheet extrusion pump can obtain multiple displacement, each displacement can be output separately to drive different actuators, or combined to output large displacement, achieving rapid movement of the working mechanism.

thermoplastic melt pump manufactuer
thermoplastic melt pump manufactuer

Split the original melt pump into two levels of melt metering pumps

In order to reduce the load on the shaft bearings of the original melt pump, it is envisioned that if each gear of the original melt metering pump is "divided" perpendicular to the axis into two gears, forming a double pair meshing melt metering pump, it is equivalent to connecting two melt metering pumps in parallel within a pump body, and separating them with thin partitions between the two gears (to avoid the oil sealing areas of the two gears being connected in axial direction), and connecting the oil suction ports of the two melt metering pumps The oil discharge ports are symmetrically arranged along the circumferential direction, which can balance the radial force acting on the gear shaft and bearing on the tooth top surface. In addition, if two gears are installed half way apart from each other, resulting in a 180 degree difference in output flow pulsation phase, it can significantly reduce output flow pulsation, pressure pulsation, and noise. Currently, the dual melt metering pump on the market can also follow this approach to reduce bearing load and improve the service life of bearings and pumps.


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