3D printing consumables melt pump

The melt pump is mainly used for the transportation, pressurization, and metering of high-temperature and high viscosity polymer melts. It is widely used for extrusion molding of plastic, resin, rubber, and chemical fiber products. For example, industries such as granulation, film, pipe, plate, sheet, artificial fiber, optical fiber, medical plastic catheter, etc.

3D printing extrusion melt pump
3D printing extrusion melt pump

Structure and Material of 3D Printing Extrusion Melt Pump

Pump body: high-temperature tool steel, chromium nickel alloy steel

Gears: High temperature tool steel, nitrided steel, with straight or helical tooth shapes

Sliding bearing: high-temperature tool steel

Shaft seal: spiral mechanical seal, packing seal, spiral packing seal, triple seal

Heating method: electric heating

Specification/flow range: 1CC-8000CC

thermoplastic melt pump manufactuer
thermoplastic melt pump manufactuer

The function of plastic extrusion melt pump

1. Significantly improve the stability of die head pressure and improve product quality.

2. It can achieve near linear output of flow and is easy to control.

3. Increase extrusion volume and increase production.

4. Reduce extruder load, save energy, and reduce costs.

plastic extrusion melt gear pump
melt pumps for extrusion systems

BATTE Melt Pump Company is familiar with the extrusion processes of various plastic and rubber materials, and has extensive experience in the application of melt pumps in extrusion systems. It can provide multiple types of melt pumps for extrusion systems such as various sheets, plates, pipes, films, wire drawing, underwater cutting, masterbatch extrusion granulation, rubber preforming, etc., widely used in various polymer polymer materials.

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