Boosting, stabilizing and working principle of gear pump for hot melt adhesive pump

The application of hot melt glue pump gear pump is very extensive, which can be used in various polymer production processes such as resin, chemical fiber, rubber (raw materials, prepolymers, final polymers, etc.), as well as various chemical processes such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc. It can also be used in extrusion systems such as plastics and rubber, effectively improving the quality of work in progress.

hot melt glue gear pump

The main function of the hot melt adhesive pump gear pump is to transport, pressurize, and stabilize the high-temperature and high viscosity polymer melt, ensuring accurate and stable transportation of the melt. The melt gear pump has excellent functions of pressurization, stabilization, and metering, which is due to its conveying mechanism. A melt gear pump is an external meshing gear pump, which consists of two identical meshing gears that rotate inside the pump body. In the gear meshing area, on the inlet (feed area) side of the pump, the teeth and grooves of the two gears are continuously separated and detached, and the space in the feed area continues to increase. At this point, in the upstream area (such as the extrusion area), on the side near the pump outlet in the gear meshing area, the two gears enter a meshing state, and the space in the discharge area continuously decreases, forcing the melt in the tooth groove to be extruded.

hot melt adhesive pump

The gear pump of the hot melt adhesive pump has a constant discharge volume every revolution, which is carried out repeatedly to achieve continuous discharge and metering of the melt. The gear of the pump acts as a rotating barrier, effectively blocking the impact of pressure and flow fluctuations in the feed area on the discharge area. When the inlet pressure of the pump fluctuates within a large range due to various factors, the outlet pressure fluctuation of the pump can be completely controlled within a very small range of variation. Due to the pressure isolation effect of the melt gear pump, the factors affecting the pressure and flow fluctuations in the discharge area of the pump are significantly reduced and easy to control, thereby ensuring the stable and accurate output flow of the melt gear pump.


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