The melt pump and screen changer of blow molding plastic extruders

The melt pump and screen changer of blow molding plastic extruders play a crucial role in the plastic processing industry. They jointly ensure the stable flow and efficient production of plastic melt. This article will delve into the principles, functions, and importance of these two devices in practical applications.

Firstly, let's understand the working principle of the melt pump in the blow molding plastic extruder. The melt pump is one of the key equipment on the plastic extrusion production line, and its main function is to provide stable pressure and flow rate for plastic melt. Melt pumps typically consist of components such as motors, reducers, and pump bodies. When the motor starts, power is transmitted to the pump body through a reducer, causing the rotor inside the pump body to rotate. The rotation of the rotor sucks plastic melt into the pump body and creates a certain pressure inside the pump body. This pressure allows the plastic melt to flow steadily and can be controlled by adjusting the rotor speed to control the flow rate of the melt. The use of melt pumps can not only improve production efficiency, but also reduce product quality issues caused by melt fluctuations.

blow molding plastic extrusion screen changer

Next, let's explore the role of the screen changer. During the plastic extrusion process, impurities or particles may be intercepted at the filter screen due to the presence of impurities or particles in the melt. Over time, impurities on the filter screen will gradually increase, leading to clogging of the filter screen. At this point, it is necessary to use a screen changer to replace the filter screen to ensure the smooth flow of plastic melt. A screen changer usually consists of a filter, a frame, and a screen changing mechanism. When it is necessary to replace the filter screen, operate the screen changing mechanism to remove the old filter screen from the network frame and replace it with a new one. In this way, the stable flow of plastic melt can continue to be maintained, avoiding production interruptions.

In the plastic processing industry, the application of blow blown plastic extruder melt pumps and screen changers is very extensive. They are widely used in the production of various plastic films, sheets, pipes and other products. These products not only have extensive applications in daily life, but also play important roles in industries, agriculture, healthcare, and other fields. Therefore, ensuring the normal operation of the melt pump and screen changer is crucial for improving product quality and production efficiency.

blow molding plastic melt pump

In practical applications, regular maintenance and upkeep are necessary to ensure the stable performance of the melt pump and screen changer. For example, it is necessary to regularly check the sealing performance of the pump body to ensure that the melt does not leak; At the same time, it is necessary to regularly clean the filter screen to avoid blockage caused by excessive impurities. In addition, when operating these devices, it is also necessary to comply with corresponding operating procedures and safety regulations to ensure the smooth progress of the production process.

In summary, the melt pump and screen changer of blow molding plastic extruders play a crucial role in the plastic processing industry. They provide strong guarantees for the stable flow of plastic melt and important support for efficient production. With the continuous development of technology, these devices will continue to be upgraded and improved in the future, bringing more advanced and efficient production methods to the plastic processing industry.


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