Characteristics of high-temperature polymer melt transfer pumps

High-temperature melt transfer pump conveys high-temperature, high-viscosity polymer melt. Therefore, the pump is required to have high-temperature characteristics, that is, the pump in the operating temperature, the parts should have sufficient strength and stiffness, the parts subject to alternating loads should have high fatigue strength, wear parts should maintain high hardness and wear resistance.

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Secondly, the pump is assembled at room temperature, in order to ensure that the pump can operate normally at high temperatures, the pump is required to work at high temperatures, the deformation should be small, the linear expansion coefficient of the parts (such as gear shafts, pump casing and bearings) can not be too large a difference. If the linear expansion coefficient of each matching part is too large a difference between the bow | up gear pump axial clearance changes. If the clearance is too large, the effect of the volume will be worse; if the clearance is too small, the pump body will be stuck.

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High-temperature melt transfer pump material, the pump body is made of stainless steel/alloy steel/corrosion-resistant alloy, gears are made of nitrided steel/tool steel/stainless steel+coating/corrosion-resistant alloy, bearings are made of tool steel/copper and stainless steel+coating/corrosion-resistant alloy, according to the conveying materials and working conditions, gears, pump body, bearings to choose the corresponding material to ensure that melt transfer pumps for a long time to ensure the high efficiency of the work.


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