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Melt pump gear pump sensors play a crucial role in industrial applications, providing reliable guarantees for the stable operation of equipment. This article will elaborate in detail on the working principle, classification, application fields, and development trends of gear pump sensors for melt pumps.

1、 The working principle of the gear pump sensor for the melt pump

The gear pump sensor of the melt pump is a key component that can detect the operating status of the melt pump and gear pump. It converts the speed, pressure, temperature and other parameters of the melt or gear into electrical signals by sensing them, thereby achieving real-time monitoring of the pump's operating status. The accuracy and stability of sensors are crucial for ensuring the normal operation of pumps.

2、 Classification of gear pump sensors for melt pumps

According to the different detection parameters, the gear pump sensors of the melt pump can be divided into the following categories:

a. Speed sensor: used to detect the speed of the melt pump or gear pump, usually achieved using Hall effect or photoelectric conversion principle.

b. Pressure sensor: used to detect the pressure at the outlet of the melt or gear pump, commonly used include piezoelectric, resistive, and capacitive types.

c. Temperature sensor: used to detect the temperature of the melt or gear pump, common types include thermistors, thermocouples, etc.

In addition, according to the output signal form of sensors, they can also be divided into analog signal sensors and digital signal sensors. The output signal of the analog signal sensor is a continuous analog quantity that needs to be processed through signal conditioning and analog-to-digital conversion before data can be processed; Digital signal sensors directly output digital signals, facilitating data processing and transmission.

The gear pump sensor for melt pumps is widely used in melt conveying systems in industries such as plastics, rubber, and chemical fibers. They can monitor the operation status of the melt pump and gear pump in real time, detect abnormal situations in a timely manner, and avoid equipment damage and production accidents. Meanwhile, precise control of parameters such as melt flow rate, pressure, and temperature can improve product quality and production efficiency.


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