How to maintain the melt pump

  1. Daily check whether the fasteners of melt pump, such as screws, are loose, and check whether the installation pipeline interface leaks oil.

  2. Check the cleanliness of the oil seal. It is often necessary to clean the oil seal to prevent affecting the service life of the machine.

  3. It is recommended to replace the hydraulic oil after the first 500 hours of operation. The larger replacement period of the hydraulic oil is 2000 hours, and the larger replacement period with air filter is 500 hours.
Gear Melt Pump

  4. In order to optimize the service life of hydraulic components, please change the hydraulic oil and filter regularly. Hydraulic pollution is the main cause of damage of hydraulic components. Please keep the hydraulic oil clean during daily maintenance.

  5. For daily use, check whether the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank meets the requirements, and check whether the water content and abnormal smell of the hydraulic oil exist. When the hydraulic oil contains water, the oil is turbid or milk like, or there are water drops at the bottom of the oil tank. When the oil has a foul smell, it indicates that the working temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high. When the above situation occurs, please replace the hydraulic oil immediately, and find out the cause of the problem and solve it. Pay daily attention to check the vehicle for leakage.

  6. During trial operation and operation, the axial melt pump element must be filled with hydraulic oil and discharged with clean air. After a long shutdown, oil filling and venting operations are required as the system may drain oil through the hydraulic lines.

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