Melt blown nonwovens produced by melt pump

  Melt blown method is also one of the direct polymer mesh forming methods. It is to use high-speed high-temperature air jet or other means to make the polymer melt extruded by the screw extruder be extremely stretched to form a very fine fiber, and then gather on the mesh forming roller or the mesh forming curtain to form a fiber mesh. Finally, the melt blown fiber nonwovens are made by self-adhesive reinforcement.

  Melt blown non-woven fabric process features: 1. Short process flow, high production efficiency; 2. Extremely fine fiber, good uniformity of fiber mesh, soft feel, outstanding advantages in filtration, antibacterial, adsorption; 3. Poor fiber orientation, low strength of fiber mesh; 4. Large energy consumption.

  The technological process of melt blown non-woven fabric: polymer feeding → melt extrusion → fiber formation → fiber cooling into mesh → edge cutting and winding → post treatment.

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