Wood plastic production line melt pump

Wood plastic profile production line is mainly used for extruding PVC+wood powder, producing skirting line, door edge line, door cover line, louver, photo frame, mirror frame, door frame, door sleeve, window sleeve, standing in vain, staircase handrail, decorative button plate, furniture material and other profiles. The production line adopts original wood-plastic technology and formula, and can design different specific gravity of zb-c series standard melt gear pump according to different profile sections and different applications, and choose different specifications of wood-plastic special double melt gear pump extruder, with melt gear pump, and the traction machine adopts unique technology, with smooth work, good reliability and high traction force.

wood plastic melt pump

Non-pulsating type wood plastic melt pump adopts high-precision gear gap, which can effectively reduce the pressure of the barrel during the extrusion process, reduce the friction between the screw and the barrel, reduce the load of the thrust bearing of the gear box, and can effectively solve the problem of exhausting and bubbling material from the extruder. The pump adopts filling seal and mechanical screw seal to effectively prevent the leakage of rubber. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high pressure, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, etc. It strengthens the requirements of high torque and low shear of the pump body, and the pump body has the characteristics of high finish, and the self-lubrication system and import and export flow channels are optimized, and the linear flow channel design is adopted to effectively reduce the residence time of the material in the pump, so that the material can achieve the **best plasticizing effect and realize stable and balanced extrusion. It is more suitable for the extrusion of PC, PMMA and other transparent products and PVC heat-sensitive materials.

plastic wood composite material melt pump

Wood plastic production line melt pump is mainly used for conveying, pressurizing and metering of high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt. Its main function is to pressurize and stabilize the high temperature melt from the extruder and keep the melt flow accurately and steadily into the extruder head. Nowadays, melt gear pumps have been widely used in chemical fiber, pelletizing, plastic film, sheet, plate, profile, pipe, wire and cable, drawing, compound extrusion and other production lines, and the materials that can be processed almost cover most polymer materials, such as: PE, PC, PP, PVC, HIPS, PS, PA, TPUR, fluoropolymers, polysulfone, polyester, thermoplastic elastomer, rubber and thermal adhesives. The hardness of the products can reach 62-68HRC, which can greatly meet the requirements of customers for different working conditions.

Wood plastic production line melt pump

The operation of a plastic wood composite melt pump requires some degree of monitoring. Important indicators to be observed include outlet pressure, suction pressure, difference between inlet and outlet pressure, motor current, gear shaft sealing, and pump temperature. Since the flow rate of the head varies with the outlet pressure, the outlet pressure should be constant. Generally speaking, the fluctuation of outlet pressure should not exceed ±10psi (1psi=0.00689Mpa). Large fluctuations usually belong to transmission problems and require motor technicians to adjust the transmission parameters. If the melt pump is badly worn, it can also cause such problems.

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