Gear Pumps for Fluoropolymers

Melt pumps for fluoropolymers are designed to meet the unique processing requirements of fluorinated polymers (e.g. FEP, ETFE, PTFE, PFA, PVDF). FEP melt gear pump have a pump body material prepared from a nickel-chromium superalloy, giving it excellent mechanical strength at high temperatures and high corrosion resistance, mainly for tubes, profiles, coatings and films.

FEP melt pump

The gears, bearings, seals and pump body of FEP high temperature melt metering pumps are made of high nickel alloy material to improve the stability of production efficiency; High temperature and high pressure melt gear pump side plate features: high temperature FEP melt pump with resin tank design for unobstructed flow and quality of raw material; resin port can return excess to the melt pump body inlet for continuous flow - no degradation; side plate with concealed pin to join the pump body is used. Accurate jointing. High temperature and high pressure polymer melt pumps are used in extrusion systems to save material costs, improve the quality of the finished product, increase extrusion output, speed up the start-up of extrusion lines, adapt to various materials run by the same screw and other advantageous features.

FEP melt pump

Zhengzhou Batte can custom design melt pumps of various sizes, ranging from 0.1CC to 20,000CC, and also provides drive systems, control systems, melt screen changers and other equipment.


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