Rotary Gear Pumps

Rotary gear pumps is mainly used for metering transfer and pressure boosting of low or high viscosity polymer melt. So it is also be called high viscosity melt pump or Rotary melt pumps.
Rotary Gear Pumps
Rotary Gear Pumps Working Principle:
 The heating of the fluid has been divided into a so-called external structure internal integrated internal gear pump is the pump or thermal design of the lid snap sleeve, the outer clamping bolt through the sleeve is heat pump and connected they. through the steam jacket, oil, cooling water is still, according to the details of the medium may be constructed to combiner higher average temperature of the liquid dispensing requirements, or requirements for the high temperature liquid to an average cooling opportunities.
Rotary Gear Pumps Featrues:

1.Unique internal pressure lubricated idler pin reduces wear by continuously cooling and lubricating the idler pin and bushing.
2.Positive Displacement, Rotary Gear Pumps, Features
3.Standard high strength gear material eliminates the need for special steel fitting.

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