Miniature Rubber Gear Pump Extrusion

Miniature rubber gear pump extrusion provide solutions for rubber processors for the continuous preforming or extrusion of almost any form of rubber compound be used with 
extruder equipment.
Miniature Rubber Gear Pump Extrusion
Miniature Rubber Gear Pump Extrusion Advantage:
1.Updated product design.
2.Optimized materials selection.
3.Increasing the extrusion output and improve the product’s quality and quantity.
4.Prolonging the working life.
Miniature Rubber Gear Pump Extrusion Details:
Blown film and cast film (Bubble pack, Medical, Food Wrap)
Sheet (Foam, Strapping, Plastic cardboard)
Coating (Hot melt adhesive)
Pipe ( Corrugated, Gas Pipe) and profile
Compounding (Master batch, filler)
Wire and cable extrusion
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