Vacuum Venting Screw Extruder Machine And Melt Pump

Vacuum Venting Screw Extruder Machine Application:
Vacuum venting screw extruder machine is applicable to extrude various kinds of materials such as PP, PE, HIPS, ABS, PMMA, PC, etc. The extruder is widely used to produce such products as: plastic board, sheet, hollowness grid board and plastic aluminum composite products.
Vacuum Venting Screw Extruder Machine And Melt Pump
While if you want improve your producing,you can choose a melt pump use with your screw extruder.With  melt pumps between your extruder and die you can directly dial in gauge control,eliminating extruder surge and screw beat at the die.Melt pump is made of high performance alloy with high precision processig to ensure a long and durable service life.
Batte Melt Pump For Your Extruder Advantages:

1. Improve the stability of extruder measurement: fall the tolerance of Extruder’s measurement to smallest.
2. Reduce raw material consumption: the size of the gear pumps extruded production have minimum changing
3. With melt pump the extruder can reduce scrap and the rejection rates.

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