How To Improve The Productivity Of The Screw Extruders

Screw extruders are primarily used for melting and conveying polymers to extrude them into continuous shapes.But due to material and extruder production line, resulting in product yield is relatively low, How to improve the productivity of the screw extruders, Batte have provided prospective for improving the production quality of the extruder melt pumps.
How To Improve The Productivity Of The Screw Extruders
Why you need extruder melt pumps for you extruder:
1.Extruder melt pumps are mainly used for transportation, pressurization and metering of high temperature or high viscosity polymer melt. 
2.In order to obtain an screw extruders profile of consistent quality, it is necessary to keep both the extruder output and melt viscosity constant.
3.Gear melt pump assisted extrusion is becoming more important in the plastics processing industries.
Why Must you choose Batte Extruder Melt Pump:
Batte has accumulated abundant experiences on the application technique of melt pump since we manufacture gear melt pumps professionally. Recently, according to the development trend of metering pumps application all over the world, especially in the field of chemical fiber, spinning and chemical engineering.

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