Mini Hydraulic Gear Pump For Power Unit

Mini hydraulic gear pump for power unit is single stage single suction centrifugal pump one, is a vertical structure, its import and export in the same straight line, and the import and export of the same caliber, rather like the section of pipe, the pipe can be installed in any position of it named pipeline pumps (aka booster). 
Mini Hydraulic Gear Pump For Power Unit

Mini Hydraulic Gear Pump for Power Unit Specifications:
Theory: Rotary Pump
Structure: Gear Pump
Usage: Oil
Power: Hydraulic
Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Fuel: Other
Pressure: High Pressure
Application: Other
Ports: BSP pipe thread,Metric thread
Material: Extruded alluminum body and die cast alluminum cover
Displacement: 0.19~2.00ml/r
Group: Group 00
Shaft seal: V(-10℃~120℃),H(-40℃~80℃),T(3~6bar),N(3~10bar)
Max.pressure(continuous): 200bar
Weight: 0.4Kg
Valve option: Directional valve
Shaft: Tang claw shaft,Straight key shaft
Front cover: 2-bolt rectangular flange,SAE flange
Batte mini hydraulic gear pump for power unit is a type of ZB-D pipeline melt pump (gear pump) is mainly used for smooth flow of pressurized polymer layer of high-viscosity transmission medium.
Features: single suction single stage centrifugal pump, it's the same and in the same line, and the axis perpendicular to the centerline, the vertical gear pumps.

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