Hot Melt Glue Pumps

Hot melt glue pumps create pressure between the screw compounding extruder and die,Which are used in the polymerization process to precisely control output to the die.
Hot Melt Glue Pumps

Hot Melt Glue Pumps Characteristics:
1.For high pressure, high viscosity medium, high temperature.
2.Inlet can be vacuum, speed convenient to adjust, big capacity scope. 
2.Transfer high viscosity melt. Used in melt spinning, as booster melt pump
3.Two complete industrial size lines are used.
Hot Melt Glue Pumps Applications:
1.Hot gear pumps can be used to PE,PP,ABS,PVB,etc.
2.high quality steel. experiences and scientific design. 
4.reasonable price.
5.Hot melt glue pumps applied to send resin, ploymer,ruber, make the melt even.

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