Melt Gear Pump For Pipeline Extrusion

Melt gear pump for pipeline extrusion dedicated to thermoplastic extrusion process ,  installed on the extruder between exports and die head for metering pump.This gear pump adopts special gear structure and special flow design, to ensure the stability of the outlet pressure and flow rate . 
Melt Gear Pump For Pipeline Extrusion
Melt Gear Pump For Pipeline Extrusion Characteristics:
Pump body: Carbon steel preventing hot, stainless steel, Nickel-Chrome, Alloy Steel, CMP, high temperature tool steel,   titanium-tantalum alloy steel and pump body with coating.
Gear: high temperature tool steel, nitriding steel, CPM, special steel and gear with coating. Straight gear, inclined gear and herringbone gear(used in very low pressure pulsation of outlet port)
Sliding bearing: Tool steel, silver-nickel, copper-aluminum alloy, CPM ,special material and bearing with coating.
Shaft seal: Helical seal, packing seal and assembly seal
Heating Electrical heating and medium heating
Melt Gear Pump For Pipeline Extrusion Features:
1.Minimal melt flow pressure pulsation , the melt flow can realize linear output.
2.Melt pumps for precise extrusion system.
3.This melt gear pump can be used on high temperature (350℃),high pressure(40Mpa),high viscosity (40,000Pa•s)xtrusion process
4.Precise structure, high precision,long service life

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