How to troubleshoot profile extrusion

The profile extrusion “complex,” consisting of the extruder, die, vacuum calibration system, puller, and ancillary downstream equipment.
To troubleshoot profile extrusion,You know that the basic process of extrusion is complicated by the complexity of unique die design for each profile as well as a calibration segment for cooling the extrudate.Each segment of the profile melt pump extrusion process itself can create unique problems, resulting in poor extrudate quality and/or customer rejects. In some cases, a defect could be attributed to multiple segments of the process.
How to troubleshoot profile extrusion
Hardware Or Soft Ware ?
“Software” refers to the operating conditions that an operator or technician can readily manipulate, such as extrusion moulding pump, temperature settings on the barrel, and screw temperature.
“hardware” issues relate to equipment. On an extruder, the screw, barrel, drive, motor, breaker plate, and any mechanical portion that cannot be readily changed are considered hardware.
While each has its place, the choice must be based on the thermoplastic being used and the screw type at a given output rate and melt temperature. The reverse profile is often used to offset an improper screw design that is creating excessive frictional heat. It should be based on the hardware and software of the operating setup sheet. The equipment and operating conditions must be followed in detail where the tool was originally developed.
So, the profile extrusion will tell you when it is not being cooled uniformly by bowing, warping, or distorting. With simple shapes the part will bow in the direction of the wall or section that cooled last. Directing more cooling to sections that obviously would cool slower because they are: thicker, inside corners, otherwise shielded from circulating or spray water will lead to control of warpage. Now the trick is to speed it up and solve the problem all over again.

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